Suburban Political Recount

Suburban Political Recount

Betting on Blagojevich?

Posted by JP on Fri, 08/29/2008 - 17:53
Here's the new release from the governor's office" SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rod R. Blagojevich and Missouri Governor Matt Blunt are putting it all on the scrimmage line tomorrow during the 2008 State Farm Arch Rivalry football game between the University of Illinois Fighting Illini and the University of Missouri Tigers . In the spirit of the game, Governor Blagojevich placed a friendly wager with Governor Blunt for tomorrow’s longstanding football rivalry.

React file

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 22:28
Congresswoman Melissa Bean is the first to weigh in. “Like most Americans, I thought it ws a moment of tranformtion,” Bean said, describing the speech as a "perfect pitch and perfect plan for America.” We'll file more as comments come in.

McCain strikes back

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 21:58


ARLINGTON, VA -- Tonight, the McCain campaign issued the following statement from Tucker Bounds, McCain 2008 spokesman, on Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention:

"Tonight, Americans witnessed a misleading speech that was so fundamentally at odds with the meager record of Barack Obama. When the temple comes down, the fireworks end, and the words are over, the facts remain: Senator Obama still has no record of bipartisanship, still opposes offshore drilling, still voted to raise taxes on those making just $42,000 per year, and still voted against funds for American troops in harm's way. The fact remains: Barack Obama is still not ready to be President."

Eight is enough?

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 21:29

When Obama said "eight is enough" and the crowd started chanting, I couldn't help myself.

Read Obama's historic speech here, early

Posted by Joseph Ryan on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 20:57
Remarks of Senator Barack Obama “The American Promise” Democratic Convention Thursday, August 28th, 2008 Denver, Colorado As Prepared for Delivery To Chairman Dean and my great friend Dick Durbin; and to all my fellow citizens of this great nation; With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. .

Delegates can't find Obama's promised land

Posted by Joseph Ryan on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 18:34
Not only are tens of thousands of people stuck in long, endless lines trying to get into Invesco Field here in Denver, but the delegates are stranded too. "I've never seen a more disorganized way of doing things in my life, let's leave it there," said a frustrated state Sen. Terry Link, a Waukegan Democrat, after finishing a bus ride, train ride and two mile walk only to find an endless line stifled in the heat. Link was staying at a hotel with delegates just a few miles from the football stadium. There is little doubt the organization of Obama's nomination blowout is faulty, to say the least. This reporter arrived to find thick lines stretching for blocks and blocks, twisting and turning down streets and alleyways and across railroad tracks.

(updated) Searching for the promised land ...

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 16:26

Um ... maybe that idea of moving the final speech to Invesco Field wasn't such a great idea.

Joe Ryan just checked in to say there are "tens of thousands of people" standing in line wondering where they should be going.

Security has shutdown a major interstate running by the football stadium. Conventioneers are literally walking the highway to get there.

Check back, we'll have more as field reports are filed with the Daily Herald's Denver newsroom.

Update:"This is absolutely nuts."
Joe just called back to say things are getting worse as he and thousands of others wander the Colorado interstate system on foot.

Final nominees in the Animal Farm "Obama theme song" contest

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 16:04

Obama's a Stevie Wonder fan.
Stevie Wonder is performing at the convention tonight

Given the theme's the Obama campaign has stressed so far, Wonder's "Higher Ground" seems like a natural.

Thursday convention farming ...

Posted by JP on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 08:55

Sauerberg skeletons?
Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan let the Democratic faithful in on a little secret this week. Back in college, he roomed one year with Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Steve Sauerberg.
Turns out Illinois AFL-CIO president Micahael Carrigan and Republican U.S. Sen. Nominee Steve Sauerberg were roomates for a year in college. Carrigan let Democrats in on that tidbit this week.
“We were just two college guys going to school and having fun,” Carrigan said.
Now, if I ran for office, I'd fear what my college roommate might say.
So is Carrigan prepared to dredge up college tales this fall?
“I thing he's challenged in his campaign already.”

Illinois Democrats get to vote twice

Obama grabs nomination- Daley predicts Chicago World Series battle

Posted by Joseph Ryan on Wed, 08/27/2008 - 18:06
On the convention floor, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley declared a Cubs-Sox World Series this year and then passed the mic to symbolically end one of the deepest rivalries in the Democrat Party. "Lets declare together in one voice, right here, right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president," said Sen. Hillary Clinton from the convention floor in ending the roll call of delegate votes and throwing the nomination to Illinois' junior senator. Denver's Pepsi Center went crazy when Clinton entered the floor as Daley was moving to defer to the New York delegation in the voting order. Daley was flanked by House Speaker Michael Madigan and his daughter Lisa Madigan. Clinton spoke briefly.