All Bull - Chicago Bulls

All Bull - Chicago Bulls

Don't be misled: Spectrum was a lousy arena

Posted by mikemcgraw on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 05:43
There was a nice atmosphere at Friday's game as the 76ers reopened the Spectrum for one final time before it is torn down this summer. But there is no question the Spectrum is more famous for the games it hosted than the building itself. This was no Chicago Stadium or Boston Garden. Not even close. It fit right in with its former neighbor across the street, Veterans Stadium, as a functional building with little to no character. First of all, the Spectrum was ugly from the outside. It always reminded me of a hat box. On the inside, I remember it feeling cramped because there was only one concourse, serving both the lower and upper levels. Fortunately, I never had reason to visit the third level, which only had a few rows to it.

Is international basketball ruining Deng's health?

Posted by mikemcgraw on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 05:22
One subplot to Luol Deng's possible stress fracture in his right tibia is how surgery would effect his ability to play for Great Britain in the European championships this summer. Deng spent the past two summers helping his adopted country qualify for a rare berth in the event. It's been a great story. When he was very young, Deng's family left its native Sudan to escape a civil war. A few years later, his family was granted asylum in England and moved to London from Alexandria, Egypt.

Second thoughts on double overtime loss

Posted by mikemcgraw on Tue, 03/10/2009 - 01:34
For the most part, I'd say the Bulls should try to feel good about the double-overtime loss in Miami on Monday. They put together a strong effort, considering they used just seven players in a 55-minute game and Kirk Hinrich, their best defender to throw at Dwyane Wade, was at far less than 100 percent because of a knee bruise. Miami is tough to play against because it's better on defense than any of the NBA's other mediocre teams. I've noticed over the years that when a team has a reputation for playing quality defense, referees let them play by a different set of rules. Those teams are allowed to be much more physical and it's a huge advantage.

Gordon can't lean in any direction without real options in free agency

Posted by mikemcgraw on Mon, 03/09/2009 - 01:14
Hoopshype and realgm – two popular Web sites for NBA news – posted headlines Sunday that Ben Gordon is leaning toward leaving the Bulls this summer, so let's examine the topic briefly. This idea is old news, for one thing. I've been hearing all season about “such-and-such player knows Gordon's people and says there's no way he's staying with the Bulls.” At the same time, Gordon has never publicly ruled out re-signing with the Bulls when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. The Bulls, meanwhile, are definitely interested in keeping Gordon long-term. Really, though, it's silly to suggest Gordon is leaning one way or the other, because he can't even weigh his options until he actually receives a concrete offer from another team.

A tough road awaits eighth-place Bulls

Posted by mikemcgraw on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 01:45
The No. 1 task for the Bulls coming off Friday's 117-102 win over Milwaukee is to convince themselves they've accomplished nothing. Sure, they moved into sole possession of eighth place in the Eastern Conference standings for the first time in a couple of months. But that 1-game lead over the Bucks could disappear quickly if they can't turn around their recent road problems. Since making three trades on Feb. 18-19, the Bulls are 0-4 on the road. All the losses came against sub-.500 teams and weren't even very close late in the fourth quarter.

Bulls and Deng seem to agree on leg injury

Posted by mikemcgraw on Wed, 03/04/2009 - 20:03
POSTGAME UPDATE: Luol Deng discussed his leg injury after the Bulls' win over Golden State, the second straight game he's skipped. I don't think this is as controversial as some reports will make it out to be, though it was handled in a strange way. To recap, Deng felt something early in Saturday's game against Houston. X-rays suggested a possible stress fracture in his right tibia, but after an MRI exam came back clear the next day, the Bulls felt confident the injury was minor.

Bulls 0-4 on road since making trades

Posted by mikemcgraw on Wed, 03/04/2009 - 01:10
The only way to explain the Bulls' 96-80 loss in Charlotte was just another miserable effort on the road. They've dropped four straight road games to the Bobcats, Wizards, Nets and Pacers – all teams with losing records, with only New Jersey less than 10 games below .500 when it faced the Bulls. This is odd, not only because the last three home games resulted in victories over Houston, Orlando and Denver – teams that were a combined 62 games above .500 through Tuesday. But before hitting their recent road funk, the Bulls were playing very well away from home. Remember, they finished the ice show road trip 4-2, then won in Milwaukee after the all-star break. So why the sudden change in fortunes?

Bulls itinerary: From White House to outhouse

Posted by mikemcgraw on Sat, 02/28/2009 - 01:25
There may be no way to know for sure why the Bulls turned in one of their worst performances of the season in Friday's 113-90 loss to Washington when they should have been taking advantage of a weak opponent and feeling inspired by their visit to the White House. Here's a couple of ideas: --The arrival of the newcomers was an obvious threat to mess with the strong chemistry the Bulls seemed to be building. Some of the players aren't responding well at all. Tyrus Thomas has been completely out of sync the last two games. He was launching long jumpers on Wednesday at New Jersey and dribbling his way into forced, wild shots against Washington. Maybe Thomas decided he needed to be a scorer after Tim Thomas poured in 17 points in 24 minutes against Orlando on Tuesday.

Bulls-Magic a playoff preview?

Posted by mikemcgraw on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 01:19
There was plenty of talk Tuesday about the Bulls-Orlando game serving as a first-round playoff preview. It was meant half in jest by reporters, but there does seem to be decent chance of it coming true since Orlando appears to be headed for the No. 3 seed in the East. If the Bulls (26-31) can recover quickly and get a win at New Jersey on Wednesday, they could move into a virtual tie with Milwaukee for eighth place in the East if the Bucks lose at Dallas. In the meantime, Detroit continued its absolute free-fall with a loss at Miami on Tuesday and must follow with a game in New Orleans on Wednesday. The Pistons (27-28) have lost seven in a row and are an astounding 5-16 since Jan. 10.

Tim Thomas sets the pace in debut

Posted by mikemcgraw on Mon, 02/23/2009 - 01:50
I got a little sarcastic in my game stories about the Bulls re-acquisition of Tim Thomas. But I should point out that Thomas really did play well in Sunday's loss at Indiana. Sure, he was on the floor for just 8 minutes. But Thomas hit a couple shots and in general, looked like he knew what he was doing out there. I would expect him to see more playing time Tuesday when the Bulls host Orlando. Thomas has also been a good interview the last two days. He's at least making it sound as though he's not going to get hung up about playing time. It's way too early to make any judgments, but there is a chance that Thomas will end up being a helpful addition.