Sunday afternoon roundup

Sunday afternoon roundup

Posted by Sean Stangland on Sun, 05/25/2008 - 15:18

Box Office Mojo estimates "Indiana Jones" has pulled in just around $126 million since Wednesday, with $101 million coming over the weekend. That gives Indy's silly, lethargic fourth adventure the tenth-biggest first weekend ever, and I'm expecting tomorrow's numbers will make it some kind of Memorial Day record-breaker. Hopefully all those millions of dollars were spent by moviegoers who liked the flick a whole lot better than I did.

"LEGO Indiana Jones" looks like it'll be way more fun
than the new movie.

• Speaking of George Lucas, "Return of the Jedi" was released 25 years ago today, and nerds the world over had no idea how awesome it would be compared to three "Star Wars" flicks that would follow it. "Jedi" has become the whipping boy of the original trilogy thanks to the Ewoks and to some rather dubious acting (could Harrison Ford look less interested?), but it has always been my favorite flick of the saga. The story stirs me the most, particularly when Vader chooses his son over his emperor, and the space battles are still unequaled, if you ask me. I'll take hundreds of real models over CGI ships any day.

Cracked was a horrible MAD Magazine ripoff, but it lives on online as a pretty entertaining -- and usually NSFW -- pop culture site. This list of five awesome movies ruined by last-minute changes is a good read, and continues today's Harrison Ford theme. Just beware of some salty language, kids.

• That "Hobbit" Web chat happened Saturday, and the full transcript of the session with Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro is available right here. There's nothing Earth-shattering in there, but "LOTR" geeks will be happy to know that PJ and Howard Shore have patched up their differences since Jackson ditched Shore's "King Kong" score; Shore will return to score the new "Hobbit" films, continuing his operatic, Oscar-winning masterwork.

• E! host and "Lost" fanatic Kristin Dos Santos says Thursday's finale is the most shocking in the show's history. Very specific spoilers are apparently all over the Web, and I have so far avoided them all. The two-hour finale will be preceded Thursday by a rerun of the May 15 episode with added material, including more of the rather silly Oceanic Six press conference. Ah, three hours of "Lost" goodness!

• I watched "Grey's Anatomy" for the very first time Thursday, and was amazed by how very different it is from "ER," which I followed religiously this past year. "ER" always goes for tragedy, but the "Grey's" finale suggests to me that there can be hope and happiness on a network doctor show. (It also seems to be far less misogynist than "ER" is. If I were Linda Cardellini, I would have quit that show by now.)

• A French movie called "The Class" won the Palme d'Or at Cannes today. Yawn.

• And finally... Did anyone go to Great America and ride that Dark Knight Coaster this weekend? I want to know if I was right about it ...

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