OMG it's Baba Wawa

OMG it's Baba Wawa

Posted by Sean Stangland on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 22:25

That was apparently the reaction some rabid readers had Wednesday night when Barbara Walters signed books for fans at North Central College in Naperville; if it's been posted by now, you can read Melissa Jenco's DH story about it right here.

Here's one of Baba Wawa's more annoying moments: making
Ellen Page sing for her on this year's Oscar special.

Barbara Walters is one of those people who has been famous for so long that we all pretty much take her for granted. She's not anyone's favorite celebrity (at least, I don't think she is), but she is always there, and interesting television usually follows her. For a movie geek like me, watching her annual pre-Oscar interview show has become as much of a tradition as the Academy Awards themselves; she always has huge celebrities on, and sometimes even manages to get good stuff out of them. I particularly enjoyed a sit-down with most of the cast of "Ocean's Eleven" a few years ago.

And I must admit that "The View" has become watchable again, now that Rosie O'Donnell isn't around to generally act crazy and treat Elizabeth Hasselbeck like a second-class citizen. (I don't agree with her either, but Republicans are allowed to appear on channels not called Fox News Channel, Rosie.)

Barbara Walters talks about Gilda Radner's infamous
caricature of her in this 2002 TV special.

Strangely, Barbara Walters does figure into some fond family memories for me -- watching "20/20" with my mother was a childhood tradition. I remember feeling smarter and more grown-up every Friday night; I was watching a real show, not a cartoon or a baseball game. (Of course, "20/20" and its news-mag brethren are pretty much unwatchable these days, as they all descend into tabloid TV lunacy.) And of course, there's "SNL," which has savaged Walters pretty much since its inception, beginning with Gilda Radner's "Baba Wawa" impression and continuing to Cheri Oteri's far more accurate -- and, I think, far more scathing -- take in the 1990s. The recent hubbub over Walters' book, in which she details an affair she had with U.S. Sen. Edward Brooke, didn't prompt a similar sketch from the current "SNL" crew. Come on, you mean Amy Poehler or Kristen Wiig weren't up to the task?

Finally, on a funny note, Baba Wawa's suburban appearance comes one day after a co-worker and I were marveling over this photo of Night Ranger in the wake of yesterday's blog on washed-up rockers. Can you guess which guy she thought resembled everyone's favorite ABC interviewer?

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