Quinn's "last" ad - Where's Berrios?

Quinn's "last" ad - Where's Berrios?

Posted by Joseph Ryan on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 11:20

Gov. Pat Quinn's campaign released today what it calls its "last" campaign ad. The primary is six days away. The ad goes after Hynes for his attack ads and begins with Quinn warmly telling voters, "You know me."

Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Roland Burris tells the Daily Herald's Chase Castle that the Hynes campaign ad of Harold Washington ripping Quinn is "an abomination."

“I thought it was an abomination that Dan Hynes would do that. But be that as it may, it’s called politics and all is fair in love and war. But it hit the community - especially the African American community has really let him know that it was not in good taste,” Burris said.

Plus, Quinn's campaign released a list of county Democratic chairman who signed on to a letter taking on Hynes for his ads. The letter reads in part, "you have crossed an important line by choosing to be so destructively, relentlessly negative in your campaign."
The letter is signed by the Democratic chairman of the DuPage and Kane organizations along with several other counties.
But noticeably absent is the chairman of the powerful Cook County Democrats, lobbyist and property tax maven Joseph Berrios. That organization endorsed Quinn, but didn't sign on to this letter ripping Hynes on the ads, at the same time recent polls are showing an extremely close race.
Here is that letter:
This letter was sent yesterday to Comptroller' Hynes' campaign from "Chairs Against Negativity"

Dear Comptroller Hynes,

Most of us in the Democratic Party share basic core values - advocating for better jobs, education, health care and the environment, and looking out for the interests of everyday men and women. Most of all, we believe in working together for the people of Illinois, and for our country as a whole.

We also believe in fair play, competition, and political campaigns that include a hearty, robust discussion of issues that are important to Illinois voters.

However, in recent weeks, we believe you have crossed an important line by choosing to be so destructively, relentlessly negative in your campaign. We believe your negative campaigning is harmful, not only to your own reputation, but to every Democratic candidate on the ballot.

Early voting has begun in the primary elections, and we had hoped that it would indicate enthusiastic support for Democratic candidates. However, Republican early voters are outnumbering Democrats 4-1!

We believe your negative campaign is turning off Democratic primary voters. Instead of attracting voters to your message, we believe your negative ads are simply inspiring Democratic voters to stay home.

For years, many Democrats throughout Illinois have been working hard to build support for our party throughout our state. Democrats outside Cook County still struggle to attract qualified candidates and raise the financial resources needed to win local races. Your negative, uncivil ads will make it even harder for us to continue in our struggle to elect progressive Democrats at every level.

Already, we are seeing the impact of your negative ads on voter turnout. If you continue with these destructive, negative ads, you will not help your own political ambitions, and you will hurt every Democratic candidate in Illinois, both in the primary and in the general election in November.

We need public support to get out our message and win. Your ads are undermining all our good work over the past few years.

So we are asking you to please pull all your negative ads and help Democrats at every level in Illinois. We worked hard to make Illinois a strong Blue State. Please don't let your negative ads turn back the clock in President Obama's home state.


Chairs Against Negativity

Democratic County Chairmen

Kane County - Mark Guethle

Kane County -- Jean Cattron (vice chair)

DuPage County- Bob Peickert

Carroll County - Gerald L. Bork

Coles County- Robert Webb

Richland County- Randy Blackford

Knox County -Norm Winick

Lawrence County- Joe Weger

Marion County-Zach Roeckeman

Vermilion County-Don Dunavan

Kendall County- Chuck Sutcliff

Piatt County-Jeff Harshbarger

Edgar County - Robert " Lynn" Dawson

Edwards County - Jackie Knackmus

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