Latest 'Melo rumor: Watching want ads in Miami

Latest 'Melo rumor: Watching want ads in Miami

Posted by mikemcgraw on Tue, 07/08/2014 - 12:29

The latest rumor to fall off the tree during “Melo Watch 2014” is he's waiting to see if a spot opens up with Miami's Power Trio.

The theory goes, if Chris Bosh decides to accept an offer from Houston, then Anthony could fill that slot and play with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Heat.

Anything's possible, but this one doesn't add up. The feeling here is Bosh will leave only if LeBron bolts. So either the Power Trio plays on for Year 5, or LeBron goes back home to Cleveland. In that case, Bosh would probably consider jumping to Houston and who knows what Wade will do.

Miami made a light splash on Monday by reaching agreement with Charlotte power forward Josh McRoberts and Clippers forward Danny Granger. McRoberts would take the mid-level exception and Granger the bi-annual exception.

The most meaningful result of this plan is it appears pay cuts for Bosh and Wade are off the table. If the Heat dips below the salary cap to sign an extra player, it loses the mid-level exception just promised to McRoberts. Then Miami would have to use the cap space to sign McRoberts and that route makes little sense.

So it appears Miami's plan is to keep James and Bosh at the max. Maybe a little less for Wade.
The Heat adds McRoberts and Granger, and could re-sign Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers and Greg Oden.

According to the Miami media, the Heat are in better shape with this plan than they were when the Finals ended. But Allen turns 39 in a couple weeks and Andersen is 36. How much longer those guys can play at a high level is a significant question.

The bottom line, though, is Anthony won't end up in Miami unless something surprising happens.

There are other theories for why Anthony is taking so long. One is his people are trying to convince the Knicks to work out a sign-and-trade with the Bulls. Another is he's waiting to see what Pau Gasol wants to do, with the thought of playing together in New York, Chicago or L.A.

Another one that popped up is Anthony's waiting to see if Phil Jackson can re-shape the Knicks. The New York Post claimed Jackson is trying to trade Amare Stoudemire's $23.4 million salary and Andrea Bargnani's $12 million to either create cap space or get below the threshold where they can use the full mid-level exception.

There is a lot of available cap space out there, but neither of those players are going to help a team. The Post says Philadelphia has talked about taking on Stoudemire if the Knicks throw in Iman Shumpert. The Sixers will pay out $23.4 million it doesn't need to spend just so it can acquire Shumpert, who will probably be a free agent next summer, anyway?

I'm not buying it. The power of Zen isn't that strong.

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