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Local Focus: Jeff Sayre

Posted by Lindsey on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 22:35
After graduating from Barrington High School in 2007, Jeff Sayre spurned interest from a handful of non-BCS schools in order to become a preferred walk-on at Nebraska. But after spending a year on the Huskers' scout team as a linebacker, Sayre decided to move back closer to home. One reason? Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove, who recruited Sayre to Nebraska, was fired. Another? The Carpentersville resident wanted to be closer to his tight-knit family as they worked through some issues. In any case, after successfully lobbying the NCAA for a waiver that would allow him to be eligible instantly (rather than sitting out another season as a transfer), Sayre has walked on at Northern Illinois.

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Lou and Big Z

Posted by Bruce on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 18:03
Lou had to shoot down one story during today's pregame. No, not that he and Big Z are still feuding. No, he had to dance around speculation that he might quit as Cubs manager if the Cubs win it all this year. Sounds a little like the Ozzie story of a few years ago. Lou created this one himself, telling the New York Daily News' Bill Madden the other day that the job can take a toll and that he wasn't sure how much longer he wanted to do it. When pressed, Lou said he would honor his contract, which runs through next year with a club option for 2010. Cubs chairman Crane Kenney already has talked of giving Lou an extension.

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Republican refund, aka, making the media happy

Posted by JP on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 15:42

A few weeks back you may recall me whining about Daily Herald reporters getting turned away from a GOP convention event even though the Republican Party had charged the paper a delegate activity fee of $600 per person.
The reception was in honor of Republican legislative leaders Tom Cross and Frank Watson and was hosted by AT&T, which explains why there might have been some miscommunication about letting the media in.
Anyway, in all fairness, there needs to be an update.
After hearing of the incident, an Illinois Republican Party spokesman called to find out what happened, agreed we should have been let in and then agreed to refund the Daily Herald a portion of the activity fee.

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No disrespect Mr. President, but timing is everything ...

Posted by JP on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 14:46
President Bush is scheduled to address the nation tonight in a primetime TV speech likely to hit screens around 8 p.m. And my qustions for this and all similar event is: why then? Oh, I know the answer. Millions of households tuned into their TVs. But I'd much rather hear the economic bad news in the middle of the day. Primetime means rounding up the kids, baths, reading, bed time. No offense, but after that routine I've had enough reality for the day and could use a little escape.

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Want to get pregnant? Go swimming with Nicole Kidman!

Posted by mipplet on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 12:38
Nicole Kidman credits Australia's "fertility waters" for helping her get pregnant with daughter Sunday Rose. According to Nicole, she and six other women went swimming in the waters of a small Outback town while on location filming the movie "Australia," and all of them got knocked up! I have a feeling a lot of women will start flocking to those Australian pools now.

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Surprising Saxons and other MSL bits

Posted by coachbu on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 00:43
Fifth. Fifth. Sixth. That was the general consensus for Schaumburg this year in the Mid-Suburban West. But as division play in the MSL begins this weekend, the Saxons are 3-1 going into Saturday's 1:30 p.m. game at Conant against three-time defending outright West champion Fremd. Schaumburg coach Mark Stilling isn't doing any gloating yet but is clearly enjoying a start that includes wins few probably expected over Wheeling and Prospect. Especially since the latter was by a whopping 54-33 score. Some would question Stilling's sanity over scheduling a season opener with perennial state power Maine South. Why not get an easy win or at least a more middle of the road opponent?


Postcards from Staycation

Posted by Sean Stangland on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 00:31

• Tonight's "Fringe" scorecard: Hand-holding expository voiceovers? Check. Overacting by Joshua Jackson? Check. "There's something you need to see"? Check. Blatant "X-Files" reference? Check. But I still find the darn thing irresistible, mostly because of John Noble's fabulous performance as Walter the psycho scientist. I bet we'll see him at the Emmys next year.

• But we won't be hearing any jokes written by whomever is responsible for Sunday's disastrous Emmys telecast. You know it's bad when the first winner of the night, Jeremy Piven, uses part of his acceptance speech to bag on the show's writing. Of course, Piven's swipe was nothing compared to Don Rickles' appearance late in the show ...

• As for the winners, I must confess my disappointment over Michael Emerson fropm "Lost" losing the supporting-actor award to Zeljko Ivanek from "Damages" -- but Ivanek has been so good for so long in so many TV shows and movies, so it's OK. Check out Ivanek's impressive resume; I liked him best as Mason Verger's right-hand man in "Hannibal."

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This week's AP votes

Posted by coachbu on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 00:12
CLASS 8A 1. Maine South 2. St. Rita 3. Lincoln-Way East 4. Bartlett 5. Naperville North 6. Mt. Carmel 7. Brother Rice 8. Fremd 9. Barrington 10. Loyola 7A 1. Wheaton South 2. East St. Louis 3. Geneva 4. Glenbard West 5. Carmel 6. Boylan 7. St. Charles East 8. DeLaSalle 9. Machesney Park Harlem 10. Fenwick 6A 1. Rock Island 2. Cary-Grove 3. Springfield Griffin 4. Providence 5. Bloomington 6. Morgan Park 7. Normal Community 8. Danville 9. Lemont 10. Joliet Catholic 5A 1. Metamora 2. Montini 3. Nazareth 4. Geneseo 5. St. Francis 6. Marian Central 7. Champaign Central 8. Decatur MacArthur 9. Washington 10. Cahokia 4A 1. Bloomington Central Catholic 2. Driscoll 3. Aurora Christian 4. Breese Mater Dei 5. Quincy ND 6. Chillicothe IVC

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Pressure squarely on Twins

Posted by scotgreg on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 18:54
Ozzie's been heaping a lot of love on the Twins since he took over as White Sox manager in 2004. At times, maybe he's gone too far, but Ozzie hit the brakes before Tuesday night's big game against Minnesota at the Metrodome. "It seems like when we come here, we're going to play against the 1957 Yankees," Ozzie said, although he probably meant the 1927 Yanks. "We haven't played well here in the past but this week, I have a great feeling. I have a lot of confidence in the ballclub." This is a much bigger series for the Twins, and the Sox know it.

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Illinois and Penn State and a potential mismatch

Posted by Lindsey on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 17:26
The oddsmakers have installed 12th-ranked Penn State as a 14.5-point favorite over 22nd-ranked Illinois, which is 1 point higher than USC's status going into the Rose Bowl. While nobody in the Illinois camp believes this will be a re-enactment of the Trojans' 49-17 whipping on Jan. 1, none of the little factoids associated with this game seem to go in Illinois' favor. For example, all-Big Ten defensive end Maurice Evans (and starting DT Abe Koroma) have returned to Penn State's practice field after three weeks off for the alleged marijuana incident in their apartment. If Evans, a pass-rushing beast, is allowed to play this week, guess who he'll be lined up against? True freshman right tackle Jeff Allen making his first start.